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Today is the day I say good bye to my piece! It will be going to a new home to be loved and viewed by different people!

Today was Father’s Day! I spent the first half of the day with him, before going out just at twilight to take some photos.

The problem I find a lot with water photography as the sun is setting is the light reflecting along the bottoms of the boats makes them seem as though they are the same color! Just something fun to take photos of though. 

More pictures can be seen on my website as well as on my facebook group!

What is some of the coolest things on this planet, but old cameras. In my own journey of photography I have been learning how to use my own Digital Nikon, but now I also get to learn the lovely work of FILM!

Each of these cameras was given to me by my Opa, and I am for sure going to use them. Step by step, day by day. Any tips are allllllllwwwaaayysss welcome!!

How have I been spending my time lately?

Well other then getting married! I have a new hobby/business! I am into the work of soaps, which is an amazing and super fun hobby to have. 

Mainly I am working with Organic Goat’s Milk and Olive Oil based soaps, mixing them to find smells and feels that I think are the best. Inside of my many soaps I have been putting simple things like Lavender and then more advanced things like shea butter, coco butter, and even Aloe Vera. I am going to be adding an additional page to my website where these soaps will be available to purchase, in addition to suggest new combination ideas!

Remember to try and buy locally if you can and always support your local artists!


Apologies for my absence these past few months! I have been working heavily on art pieces for school as well as this awesome event!

Those in RI or the surrounding areas should come check out our gallery, which will be around for a whole month!

If you can’t get to the event, why not take some time to look up all the different artists that will be showing!

Oh hi der! #selfie

My last Relief Print! Made a small mistake, so it is saying red, but then I will work on it some more

I said I wanted to try film, now look at all the film I have! #love

Today I went on a 3 hour hike over and around the section of Jamestown called Beavertail! Despite the chances to fall into the ocean I still wanted to try and take some photos!

It was very bright today, but thank goodness for a polarizing lens! If you enjoy these photos why not stop by my site and see the rest of these images!

For the first time in my life, I am actually sitting at a cafe being an artist. I have 2 cameras, my chromebook and my sketch book, with the addition of two friends. It is so strange….