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Oh hi der! #selfie

My last Relief Print! Made a small mistake, so it is saying red, but then I will work on it some more

I said I wanted to try film, now look at all the film I have! #love

Today I went on a 3 hour hike over and around the section of Jamestown called Beavertail! Despite the chances to fall into the ocean I still wanted to try and take some photos!

It was very bright today, but thank goodness for a polarizing lens! If you enjoy these photos why not stop by my site and see the rest of these images!

For the first time in my life, I am actually sitting at a cafe being an artist. I have 2 cameras, my chromebook and my sketch book, with the addition of two friends. It is so strange….

Off to the studio!

A video I did about 2 years ago now, my first experience with making a timelapse, that has made me begin to really enjoy the act of showing how I make my process. Granted my work has changed over the years, later I do plan on showing the process of relief carving in this same style later.

See this and other works at my website,

<3 Valentine’s gift from my fiance! He is the best, such a cute little chromebook!

Beware world, I am portable! Although before I did have a laptop before, it was 17.3 inches of heavy, my fiance just got me a super awesome 14 inch chromebook and now I have no excuse to not blog more!

Time to go on a following and posting/rebloging spree! Come join me! Let us all make new friends~

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